Chris Dickerson Mr. Universe Training

Chris Dickerson (b. 1939) became the first African American Mr. America Winner in 1970 and the won the most prestigious title “IFBB Mr. Olympia” in 1982 at the age of 43. Chris was an average bodybuilder with exceptional calves and was able to turn into one of the top physique men in the country. His tremendous progress is …

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Bill Pearl Bodybuilding

Bill Pearl: Man Of Gold

Bill Pearl is a bodybuilding pioneer and star. He won the Mr. Universe title with the age of 40. At this time the world’s richest man ‘Paul Getty’ was a fan of the Mr. Universe and used to visit those contests. He was so impressed about Bill Pearl’s muscle size and willpower that he invited him to visit his …

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1969 Mr. Universe: Arnold and Boyer won!

The 1969 Nabba Universe was held in London. They used to have two separate contests for amateurs and professionals.  The ruling to be called ‘Professional’ was simple: Full time instructor in health studio or gyms, professional athletes, full time gym owner or those who devote their living to bodybuilding. Following countries were represented: Syria, Egypt, …

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boyer coe bodybuilder

Boyer Coe Training Routine

Boyer Coe was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana, on August 18, 1946. He started weight training at age fourteen at the Lake Charles Gym, where he often lifted in the cold under the light of a 100-watt bulb. As a boy he’d inform anyone who would listen that some day he would be Mr. America. …

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Bill Pearl Full Training Routine

(1) Mr. America Training (1953)(2) Training For Variety(3) 1961 Mr. Universe Training (4) Bill’s Best Training Routine (Gained 50lb solid muscle!) MORE (1) Mr. America Training Routine designed by Bill’s coach ‘Leo Stern’ (1953) He started working out regularly with weights in November, 1950. He followed his own routines based on oldschool bodybuilding magazines. As time passed …

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Steve Reeves Training Routine

At times he trained his entire body in one day, three times a week. For a period of six months straight, he ran a five minute mile, without missing. At other times he’d jog about three to five miles. He also said that bodybuilders should also include cardio in their training shedule. Luckily I found …

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Reg Park Training Routine

Reg Park Training Routine

Reg Park (7 June 1928 – 22 November 2007) was an English bodybuilder and businessman. He won the Mr Universe in 1951, 1958 and 1965. He is probably best known as an idol and mentor to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold learned a lot of training stuffs from Park! Before using one of Reg Park training routine I …

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Jusup Wilkosz Training Routine

Jusup (means Joseph) Wilkosz is the most successful german bodybulider of all times. At 6 feet and 240 pounds he was an imposing sight and soon earned the nickname The German Hercules. He was a national weightlifting champion before he turned from clean and jerk to abs and thighs. This Training Routine used Jusup for the …

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