Roger Callard

An Exclusive Interview with Roger Callard

By Irene L. Hause , Muscle & Bodybuilder, May 1983 (w. permission) Roger Callard began bodybuilding at the tender age of five. His father, who was interested in weightlifting, encouraged him to train his chest as a possible means of overcoming childhood asthma (obstructed breathing). It worked, and Roger has been into weight training ever since. He began …


lat spread bodybuilding tips

How to Train Your Lat Spread!

The following article was written by oldschool bodybuilder and strongman Armand Tanny (b. 1920 d. 2009). He won the title Mr. USA in 1950 and Pro Mr. America! -Mr. Berg “Forty years ago you would have called it a broad back. Today it’s more popularly known as the “lat spread.” For those few still sadly …


Rod Koontz bodybuilding

Rod Koontz: Mr. USA of 1977

In the world wide web Rod Koontz is known as ‘the homeless bodybuilder’. In this article you will learn the human behind this golden era legends. The following article was published by Irene Hause – Mr. Berg  MR. USA OF 1977—ROD KOONTZ Written by Irene L. Hause Muscle Digest, July/August 1978 “I don’t care how …


Ken Waller: From Football to Bodybuilding!

Ken Waller is a golden era bodybuilding legend. He was featured in the move “Pumping Iron” with Arnold Schwarzenegger! In 1971 he won the Mr. Universe title (amateur). He even transformed from football to bodybuilding with great success. Here’s Ken Waller’s story, workout routine and diet. – Mr. Berg Kenneth Henry Waller, was born on …


Bob Gajda bodybuilder

Bob Gajda: Bodybuilder Biography and Workout

Oldschool bodybuilder Bob Gajda is considered by many to be the physique surprise in the 1965 Mr. America contest. His nickname was “The Darkhouse”. In this article you will learn how he lived, ate and trained. The workout routine at the end followed Mr. gajda prior to winning the 1965 Mr. USA contest. – Mr. …


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