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How to Build A Man Sized Neck

The following neck workout course was developed by Peary Rader (around 1947). In this course you don’t need any weights. You need your hands and some pressure, that’s it. – Mr. Berg Build A Man Sized Neck “We have been much impressed or depressed we should say when attending lifting meets and perfect man contests …

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Neck Training Helmet For Football

Oldschool Neck Workout developed by powerlifting legend Hugh Cassidy! – Mr. Berg Why Do Neckwork? Many football coaches are aware that like the arms and legs, the neck is simply another appendage jutting out from the body which must be exercised. It must be strengthened to withstand the violent head and neck blows coming from …

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5 Oldschool Neck Exercises by Tom Sansone

When a young fellow comes to Mr America Tom Sansone and asks him to set up some kind of a routine for him, he always try to impress the importance of proportionate development. There is nothing more disheartening in bodybuilding than to see a rank novice wasting his time building a bulging biceps or pectorals that make him …

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The Lost Art of Teeth Lifting

The following strongman stunt is very oldschool; lifting with your teeths. In the thumbnail you would see Steve Reeves, 1947 AAU Mr. America, at the Los Angeles Woodberry College, performing a teeth lift with his friend, 210-pound 1948 AAU Mr. America, George Eiermann. In this article you will learn how to proper lift with your …

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Oldschool Neck Workout by Bodybuilding Champion J. Grimek

The following neck exercises and training philosophy was developed by Mr. Universe Winner John Grimek. He was an American bodybuilder and weightlifter active in the 1930s and 1940s. Throughout his career he carried the nicknames “The Monarch of Muscledom” and “The Glow.” Mr. Grimek liked to workout his neck with harness, weights and bodyweight! The following …

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