neck workout hand pressure oldschool

How to Build A Man Sized Neck

The following neck workout course was developed by Peary Rader (around 1947). In this course you don’t need any weights. You need your hands and some pressure, that’s it. – Mr. Berg Build A Man Sized Neck “We have been much impressed or depressed we should say when attending lifting meets and perfect man contests …


Weight Training for Wrestling Program by Lloyd Red Lerille

The following workout routine was developed by Mr. America Winner Lloyd Red Lerille. He was born in 1936¬†and is a New Orleans native. The winner of numerous bodybuilding titles, including Mr. New Orleans in 1955, Mr. Armed Forces and Mr. Hawaii in 1958, Mr. Dixie in 1959, and AAU Mr. America which he won in …


Vic Seipke neck training

Vic Seipke: Mr. Neck’s Training and Life

In the thumbnail you can see Vic Seipke’s transformation from youth into middle age. He is looking incredible. Well developed abs, pecs and an outstanding huge neck. His appearance was amazing. Vic started training when he was 16 years old. He wanted to gain weight for football, thus he started lifting weight in his basement. …


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