Pam Meister – Female Powerlifter

“You’d better be good today,” she seems to say, “or I’m going to beat your pants off!”. More than several male powerlifters have experienced acute cases of butterflies and goose pimples at the thought, especially from 4′ 11″ 103 Pound Woman. Not only Pam Meister an exceptional athlete; she is a genuine and exciting personality. …


bob peoples deadlift record holder

Bob Peoples The World’s Strongest Farmer!

Bob Peoples was a farmer, deadlift-record-holder and a great innovative thinker. This guy invented the power rack, straps, safety bar and leg press. Bob’s stats Height: 176cm/5’9″, Best Deadlift : 725 3/4lb [329.2kg] @181lb [82KG] at the age of 40 He was a country man. John Robert “Bob” Peoples was born in 21 August, 1910 in Tennessee, the state of …


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