More about Benchpress Legend Pat Casey

Ken Leistner used to write for the strength magazine ‘Powerlifting USA’. He was a highly decorated author and chiropractor. He met the legendary powerlifter ‘Pat Casey. The following excerpt is from PL USA (1996. July) – Mr. Berg “Not every lifter has his or her own ideas about the squat, the deadlift, or training for those two …

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John Kuc’s Bench Press Routine

Powerlifting John Kuc developed the following routine to improve your benchpress around 15-30lb. Use my great-tag system below and click ‘John Kuc’ to learn more about him. – Mr. Berg “My bench press training was influenced by Big Jim Williams and Pat Casey. I use the word “influenced” because I am not the same as …

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pat casey workout

Pat Casey 25 Rep Pump Training

Ken Leistner met and knew bench press legend Pat Casey. The following article was written by Ken. It was not ghost written or made up. Here you will read the pure truth about Pat Casey’s workout! – Mr. Berg “Approximately two years ago, I wrote an article in which I made the statement that Pat Casey was …

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leo stern bodybuilding interview

Interview with Leo Stern

Leo Stern was one of the greatest bodybuilding coaches and photographs! He introduced Bill Pearl to bodybuilding. I asked Pearl about Leo Stern and he said this: “Berg, If it was not for Leo Stern there would be no Bill Pearl…the bodybuilder!” Here’s Leo Stern’s Interview from PL USA, 1995 Dec. – Mr. Berg Q: …

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Pat Casey Training Routine

Pat Casey considered the grandfather of Powerlifting; not only was he a behemoth of a man, but Pat Casey was the forefather of the bench press. Pat Casey became the first man in the world to do 600lb. in the bench press. In this article you will learn how to train like Pat Casey! Pat’s …

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