paul anderson youth home

Paul Anderson And His Youth Home

The piece of lifting history was written by Peary Rader around 1960! Mr. Berg “Yes, Paul Anderson is a big man, and he has a big family. Seventeen boys and girls have found a home with big loveable Paul Anderson and his tiny, attractive wife, Gelnda. Few people doubt that Paul Anderson has been and …


paul anderson benchpress

Improve your Bench Press by Paul Anderson

Since the benchpress has been standardized by competition rules, the very wide grip using the pectoral muscles primarily is used only today by those who are devoting their time exclusive to bodybuilding. Considering this, let us talk about the benchpress as it used in competition. This lift is performed by the deltoids and triceps, as …


how to bulk up bodybuilding

Gain Weight Like The Champions: Bruce Randall, Paul Anderson and Doug Hepburn!

Do you want to know how to bulk up proper? Don’t waste your money into fitness-gurus on youtube! In this article three champions will explain their diet and bulk up secrets: Paul Anderson (Olympic Gold Medalist), Bruce Randall (Bodybuildig Icon and Mr. America) and Doug Hepburn (first man to benchpress 500lb). And you don’t have to …


Bulk Up Routine beginners

Bulk Up Routine by Paul Anderson

Paul Edward Anderson (October 17, 1932 – August 15, 1994) was an American weightlifter, strongman and powerlifter. He was an Olympic gold medalist, a world champion and a two-time national champion in Olympic weightlifting. In this article you will learn how Mr. Anderson obtained body bulk, have fun – Mr. Berg Paul Anderson cited that …


Terry Todd Workout Routine

Terry Todd Workout Routine For Bulk and Power

Terry Todd, mentor of Hafthor Julius Bjornsson (World’s Strongest Man), was an American powerlifter, and Olympic weightlifter. At the 1965 Nationals, Todd became the first man to squat more than 700 lbs. in competition, by squatting 710 lbs! Mr. Todd favored partial movements in his training to gain size and strength. Terry cited that if you do heavy …


Paul Anderson Training Routine

The following routine used Mr. Anderson at the age of 21. During this time of period his squat record at 820lb surpassed that of the giant Canadian champion Doug Hepburn. Anderson’s early training was primarily on the squat, at which he was stronger than the average advanced lifter to begin with. During the past year, …


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