magnus samuelsson strongman

Magnus Samuelsson: The Big Swede

Magnus Samuelsson had one of the longest and most successful Strongman careers in the history of the sport, with his entering the world championship level contests of the International Federation of Strongman Athletes and the World Strongest Man for 14 years. Prior to his entry in Strongman, Magnus was a European Arm Wrestling Champion like …


Peary Rader: The Most Influential Person of Physical Culture of All time

The role that Peary Rader has played in the establishment of physical culture can not be understated. The founder and editor of Ironman Magazine provided a trusted platform in his periodical that presented timeless training and nutrition information. The boldest move that Peary made in publishing was placing the statement “The Quality Magazine For All …


Terry Todd: The Elder Statesman of Strength

Terry Todd was a competitor, spokesman, author, commentator, organizer, journalist and founder/ director of the most a acclaimed strength library in the world. Terry’s wife, Jan was also a world class level competitor, spokes person, and representative of the iron sports. Terry was always quick and adamant to recognize Jan for her contributions to his …


Jeff King: An update on a Bodybuilding Legend

Jeff King obtained legendary status in Bodybuilding in 1983 following his Mr America and Mr. Universe wins at the age of 22. Recently, Jeff was featured on John Hansen’s Bodybuilding Legends podcast, after he was the most sought after guest for years. Jeff has a very down to earth, humble and gracious nature so it …


Strongmen who have died too young

The sport of Strongman was officially created in 1977 when Transworld International created and produced the first World Strongest Man that was aired on CBS Television. That competition led to the formation of Strongman organizations and contests in countries around the globe. Today we have professional strongmen who compete in a circuit of contests on …


Mike Jenkins – Lasting Strength Legacy

Thanksgiving in the United States is one of the most popular holidays, always falling on the last Thursday in November, but it reality it is a four day celebration of family, friends, food, football, and recently shopping. In the tightly knit world of Strongman competitors, Thanksgiving became a tragic time in 2013. The reason for …


Jesse Marunde: A Strongman Gone Far Too Early

I have been involved in strength sports since 1984, so I have been able to meet some very impressive specimens who played football, powerlifted, bodybuilt, fought in combat sports, or competed in strongman competitions- the strongest of the strong. I got to meet Jesse Marunde at the 2002 Northeast Strongman Showdown in Burlington, Massachusetts. I …


deadlift recort hafthor report

A record lift streamed around the World by Hafthor Julius Bjornsson

On May 2, 2020, Hafthor Julius Bjornsson, broke the all time strongman deadlift record by pulling 501 kilograms (1104.52lbs) at Thor’s Power Gym in Iceland. The event was sanctioned by the World Ultimate Strongman (WUS)Organization. The reason that the event was held was due to the fact that the WUS had a deadlift contest scheduled …


kazmaier interview

Bill Kazmaier – The World’s Strongest Seminar

Jerry Pritchett, 2017 America’s Strongest Man hosted Bill Kazmaier at his gym for a seminar recently and I was lucky enough to attend. The Kaz has graced us with a great deal of social media information such as YouTube videos with Josh Bryant, many of his European seminars appear online, as well as his own …


Hafthor Julius Bjornsson deadlift 501kg training

Hafthor Julius Bjornsson: Modern Day Viking

I am writing this piece during the week before Thor will be attempting to break the all time strongman world record in the deadlift on May 2, 2020. This record breaking attempt is scheduled to be streamed live on ESPN as well as Rogue’s YouTube channel. In the strength community, there is a lot of …


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