josh bryant strength coach

Josh Bryant – Trainer of Champions

Josh Bryant is the best strength coach in the World, with more world class strength athletes under his current tutelage than any other. Josh currently programs Julius Maddox, Brian Shaw, James Strickland, Jeremy Hoornstra, and Thomas Davis. Josh has worked with Professional Bodybuilders Johnny Jackson and Branch Warren as well as mega bencher Al Davis, …


hafthor bjornsson strongman inzer suit

John Inzer – Powerlifting Mogul

I just finished watching Thor Bjornsson deadlift 970lbs for a triple at his house during the height of the world COVID pandemic. Thor wears a perfectly fitted Inzer deadlift suit that he does not try to cover up with sweats or gym clothes. Although more lifters today train and compete raw, without supportive gear, today’s …


Ed Coan: The Roots of the Greatest Powerlifter

Ed Coan is unquestionably considered the greatest powerlifter of all time based upon the dominance he displayed over all others as well as for the length of time during which he performed at such a stratospheric level.  Ed probably does not remember me, but I have met him twice and I attended one of his …


mike lambert bill kazmaier powerlifting

Mike Lambert: The Man Behind Powerlifting USA

Mike Lambert, a Powerlifting Icon Mike Lambert was the creator and publisher of Powerlifting USA Magazine from 1977 to 2012.  The magazine was the objective representation of all the different factions and personalities that made up the sport and culture of Powerlifting. During Powerlifting USA’s 35 year run it saw other magazines in the U.S. …


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