doug young powerlifting meet

Doug Young’s Powerlifting Meet

Everyone who is seriously interested in powerlifting history will be familiar with names like Doug Young and Bill Kazmaier. The following cover-shot of Doug Young is famous but it seems nobody knows the story behind this picture. The picture was taken during Doug Young’s Powerlifting meet and here’s the background story (source: PL USA 1981) – Mr. …


mike lambert bill kazmaier powerlifting

Mike Lambert: The Man Behind Powerlifting USA

Mike Lambert, a Powerlifting Icon Mike Lambert was the creator and publisher of Powerlifting USA Magazine from 1977 to 2012.  The magazine was the objective representation of all the different factions and personalities that made up the sport and culture of Powerlifting. During Powerlifting USA’s 35 year run it saw other magazines in the U.S. …


leo stern bodybuilding interview

Interview with Leo Stern

Leo Stern was one of the greatest bodybuilding coaches and photographs! He introduced Bill Pearl to bodybuilding. I asked Pearl about Leo Stern and he said this: “Berg, If it was not for Leo Stern there would be no Bill Pearl…the bodybuilder!” Here’s Leo Stern’s Interview from PL USA, 1995 Dec. – Mr. Berg Q: …


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