Jon Cole – Strength Savage

Jon Cole is still revered by hard core strength training practitioners the world over for the feats he accomplished almost 50 years ago. Jon held the all time super-total record for over a quarter of a century, with the highest official combined powerlifting and Olympic lifting totals. Jon weighed 282 when he did his best …


Bill West – Gained Over 100lb!

Classic and old article about Bill “Peanuts” West by Earle Liederman published in S&H 1962 March. – Mr. Berg “The story of Bill West, the California strongman, is a revelation of what a special diet combined with weightlifting can make out of a thin weakling. Bill weighed but 102 pounds when his hands first touched a …


Paul Wrenn: The Powerlifting Hero

Paul Wrenn competed in the early 70s against legends like John Kuc and Big Jim Williams. Here’s a rare and great interview by iron historian Fred Rice (published in PL USA 1999) – Mr. Berg “Paul Wrenn is a name familiar to everyone associated with powerlifting. His pictures have appeared frequently on the pages of …


Dave Pasanella poiwerlifting tribute

Tribute To Lifting Legend Dave Pasanella

The following piece of lifting history was published in PL USA (back in the day it was one of the greatest lifting magazines!). Dave Pasanella died very young, and here’s is a great tribute to him.. Mr. Berg “Another tragedy has struck the sport of Powerlifting – on June 12th, the 28 year old Director of …


Powerlifting Diet by John Kuc

The following oldschool strong man diet was developed by legend John Kuc. Use my great tag-system below and click ‘John Kuc’ to learn more about him.. – Mr. Berg When John Kuc was a full Superheavyweight…eating just about anything that was handy, he ended up with high blood pressure problems…he took care of that situation …


Portein Needs for the Athlete by Bill Starr

“During the winter I have quite a few opportunities to talk with people interested in the sport of weightlifting and the broader field of weight training. At the Kodak Coach of the Year Clinics in Washington and Pittsburgh I got to talk with thousand of high school coaches on the subject of weight training. Barski, …


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