hafthor bjornsson strongman inzer suit

John Inzer – Powerlifting Mogul

I just finished watching Thor Bjornsson deadlift 970lbs for a triple at his house during the height of the world COVID pandemic. Thor wears a perfectly fitted Inzer deadlift suit that he does not try to cover up with sweats or gym clothes. Although more lifters today train and compete raw, without supportive gear, today’s …

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roger estep workout

Bench Press Routine by Roger Estep

Here’s a great excerption from Roger Estep’s question and answers column published in PL USA. In the 80s fans from the whole world used to send letters to Estep and he answered them. – Mr. Berg Dear Roger: I am a non-competitive weight lifter, 6’1″ and 205lbs. I currently bench press 265lb., but can’t seem …

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Paul Wrenn: The Powerlifting Hero

Paul Wrenn competed in the early 70s against legends like John Kuc and Big Jim Williams. Here’s a rare and great interview by iron historian Fred Rice (published in PL USA 1999) – Mr. Berg “Paul Wrenn is a name familiar to everyone associated with powerlifting. His pictures have appeared frequently on the pages of …

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John Kuc’s Bench Press Routine

Powerlifting John Kuc developed the following routine to improve your benchpress around 15-30lb. Use my great-tag system below and click ‘John Kuc’ to learn more about him. – Mr. Berg “My bench press training was influenced by Big Jim Williams and Pat Casey. I use the word “influenced” because I am not the same as …

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pat casey workout

Pat Casey 25 Rep Pump Training

Ken Leistner met and knew bench press legend Pat Casey. The following article was written by Ken. It was not ghost written or made up. Here you will read the pure truth about Pat Casey’s workout! – Mr. Berg “Approximately two years ago, I wrote an article in which I made the statement that Pat Casey was …

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Roger Estep: Question and Answers

Dear Roger: In a regular training session, do you wear the same lifting suit that you would wear in meet? I understand that Mike Bridges wears his all the time and Fred Hatfield has the oppsite opinion and only wears his tight suit just prior to a meet. Tom Evan. Dear Tom: My opinion on …

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big jim williams benchpress

Big Jim Williams Benchpress Philosophy

Here’s a must read. Powerlifter and Iron Historian ‘Bob Gaynor’ was friend with Big Jim and witnessed him benching. He wrote the following article in 1989 – Mr. Berg “Throughout our lifting career we meet many individuals from many walks of life. My former training partner, Big Jim Williams of Scranton, Pennsylvania, is one of those …

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Vince Anello – The Man With The Powerful Back

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10163245651560212&set=a.10150761712345212&type=3&eid=ARDs40p53d-2WoE2C6hJ_aqPqgW0fHom7En The following article was published in the year 1974 by Dan Hessler. In this article you will learn Vince Anello’s workout routine, diet and mind set! Big Update: Vince Anello uploaded a picture with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Even Arni is aware of Vince’s legacy, respect – Mr. Berg “Many men who are involved in powerlifting would …

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Deadlift Program: Gain 30 Pounds!

The following deadlift routine was developed by oldschool powerlifting star John Kuc – Mr. Berg “What we are going to do in this narrative is map out a complete deadlift cycle. To do this a few assumptions must be made: 1. Lifter is in beginner to intermediate stage 2. Has competed in a meet 3. …

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