How My DEADLIFT Increased from 405 to 600+ IN FOUR YEARS

I lifted weights when began playing high school football in 1983. I played my last HS game, as the starting right guard, on Thanksgiving Day 1985, as my Boston Latin Wolfpack defeated Boston English in the game’s 99th meeting. While playing football, my best bench was 250lbs and my squat was 275 for 5. I …


My First Year of Westside Barbell Lower Back and Abdominal Training

When I began training Westside style, I had very limited equipment options and a 1600lb total in 1994. One of the most important aspects of Westside Barbell System is the strengthening of your back. Louie Simmons agrees with the immortal Bill Kazmaier who said “a strong man has a strong back.” I trained in a …


Weight Gain For MEN – A Serious Matter

I was born premature and weighed only 4lbs and 6 ounces. As I was born to a Catholic family, I was given my last rites and named Joseph in the event I died, which I did not. Once I stuck around I was renamed Paul. I had a normal healthy childhood, loving playing baseball, swimming, …


tom haviland strongman powerlifting training

Tom Haviland – Operation 400 Muscular Pounds

In August 2014, Josh Bryant posted a 30 second YouTube clip of Tom Haviland deadlifting 710lbs. On February 25, 2015, Josh Bryant introduced the online strength community to his trainee in Australia, Tom Haviland. The short clip on Jailhouse Strong’s YouTube channel showed Tom deadlifting 760 lbs and benching 520 pounds. Over the next few …


hafthor bjornsson strongman inzer suit

John Inzer – Powerlifting Mogul

I just finished watching Thor Bjornsson deadlift 970lbs for a triple at his house during the height of the world COVID pandemic. Thor wears a perfectly fitted Inzer deadlift suit that he does not try to cover up with sweats or gym clothes. Although more lifters today train and compete raw, without supportive gear, today’s …


steve merjanian bodybuilding

Steve Merjanian: Oldschool Powerhouse!

The following article was written by bodybuilding legend Vern Weaver- Mr. Berg In this modern era of strength athletes there are very few men who can equal or purpose the great feats of Steve Marjanian. He is truly a man of super-strength. Steve began his athletic career as a high school football player. He attended …


bob peoples powerlifter

Bob Peoples: Doctor Deadlift!

In the mountainous section of Eastern Tennessee near Johnson City in the year of 1910 Bob Peoples was born. His parents were farm people and were very sturdy people of Scotch – Irish ancestry. Bob led a normal farm Boy’s life and played the usual games that are played by boys. In his early youth …


Mel Hennesy powerlifter

Mel Hennesy’s powerbuilding program!

At a bodyweight of 215lb. Mel has benchpressed 535lb, squatted 535lb and deadlifted 600lb. Although he seldom works them, he has pressed 300lb from behind the neck and military pressed 325lb. All of Mel’s lifts are done in extremely strict style. When you see him lifting over 500lb in the benchpress in such a smooth …


John Gamble: NFL Strength Coach Training Wisdoms

You are playing football and need some help to improve your athletic performance? Maybe you’re dreaming to play for the NFL? Or even you want to become a Strength Coach for the NFL? Then I have some good news for you. In this article you will learn from the best, John Gamble! But who is …


Pat Casey Shoulder Workout training

Shoulder Workout For Bulk and Power by Pat Casey

Pat Casey, one of the biggest and strongest shouldered men in the world, gives you the lowdown on the hows and whys of deltoid work. Pat has registered a fanatastic 600 pound in the bench press and he is equally as outstanding  –  Mr. Berg Pat Casey as told to his coach Bill Pearl (published 1965) …


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