steve merjanian bodybuilding

Steve Merjanian: Oldschool Powerhouse!

The following article was written by bodybuilding legend Vern Weaver- Mr. Berg In this modern era of strength athletes there are very few men who can equal or purpose the great feats of Steve Marjanian. He is truly a man of super-strength. Steve began his athletic career as a high school football player. He attended …

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Taito Haara powerlifter

Taito Haara – Super Power Man

The following article was written by Terry Todd (published 1978 Jan). Use the tag-system for more great articles by Todd. – Berg “One of the most exciting things about a world’s championship is the sight and sound of men from many nations mingling in the lobby of whatever hotel they happen to inhabit. To be …

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bob peoples powerlifter

Bob Peoples: Doctor Deadlift!

In the mountainous section of Eastern Tennessee near Johnson City in the year of 1910 Bob Peoples was born. His parents were farm people and were very sturdy people of Scotch – Irish ancestry. Bob led a normal farm Boy’s life and played the usual games that are played by boys. In his early youth …

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Mel Hennesy powerlifter

Mel Hennesy’s powerbuilding program!

At a bodyweight of 215lb. Mel has benchpressed 535lb, squatted 535lb and deadlifted 600lb. Although he seldom works them, he has pressed 300lb from behind the neck and military pressed 325lb. All of Mel’s lifts are done in extremely strict style. When you see him lifting over 500lb in the benchpress in such a smooth …

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paul anderson benchpress

Improve your Bench Press by Paul Anderson

Since the benchpress has been standardized by competition rules, the very wide grip using the pectoral muscles primarily is used only today by those who are devoting their time exclusive to bodybuilding. Considering this, let us talk about the benchpress as it used in competition. This lift is performed by the deltoids and triceps, as …

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