Bruno Sammartino Training Workout

Bruno Sammartino Training Routine For Power

Here’s Power Training advice from the World’s Heavyweight Wrestling Champion and one of the most powerful men of all time! He has got a routine of 3 basic exercises, Bench Press, Curls and Standing Laterals. He used Bench Press as the cornerstone of his training, did 10-12 sets. He started around 300lb, and worked up doing …


Doug Hepburn Training Routine

Douglas Ivan Hepburn (1926 – November 22, 2000) was a Canadian strongman and weightlifter. During the 1950s he was publicly known as the “world’s strongest man”. Here’s the routine that Doug Hepburn used prior to the B.E. Games was this: Lower Body Squat 450lb 500lb 550lb 600lb 650lb all one single rep 700lb for 5 singles (5min …


Mike Macdonald’s Bench Press Secret

Mike Macdonald was in the late 70s the bench-press superstar. He had incredible strong tendons and great fast muscle fibers. When he made his 603lb/273kg bench press, he had an 18inch/45cm arm. In this article I will present you Mike MacDonalds Training Secrets. In Iron Man Magazine (early 70s) Mike cites that a mistake many new beginners …


Big Jim Williams Bench Press Seminar

You will probably think for a big bench you need a big chest. Wrong! Even the 700lb Bench Presser Jim Williams knew, only a big chest will not make you super strong. Bench Pressing affects your whole upper body. Thus to become successful you need to train even your lats and wrists! Most important parts …


Train Like A Beast: Doug Young’s Training Routine

  Doug Young was world champion in power-lifting from 1975 to 1977. He was the first man under 300lb/136kg to bench press more than 500lb/226kg! There were 4 Type of system/programs, which Doug Young used to improve his benchpress. (1) The legendary 8 Months routine. Doug Young made rapid progress with this system. He was able to …


Bob Peoples Training Routine powerlifting oldschool

Bob Peoples Training Routine For A Thick Back

Bob Peoples was a farmer and trained after working 10-12 hours on the farm. He was a deadlift world record holder. His 700lb+ deadlift record stood for over 25 years! He worked his balls off and he never said : “I’m taking it easy today, my CNS is wasted”. He was advocated of instinctive training. …


Train Like Ex-Marine John Kuc

John Kuc Ex-Marine and most scariest Power Lifter in the 70s. He is known for his superhuman strength and mental attitude. I wrote an article about this legend: John Kuc: The Strong Silent Type I will write down two training routines. The one is during to his 1971 competiton with Big Jim Williams as a training partner. …


Big Jim Williams Training Routine

I wrote a detailed article about him a few months ago. He was inprisoned and thus he started lifting weights and it was there he started to developing training theories like “High Volume”. Jim did a 300lb/136kg military press and 405lb/183kg bench in the prison. Full Article about Jim: Big Jim Williams From Prisoner To World Champion   Monday Squat …


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