scott wilson workout bodybuilding

Arm & Delt Specialization with Scott Wilson

Two Year ago Scott died. He is gone but his training wisdoms will live forever. Here’s Scott’s arm and delt workout routine written by bodybuilding historian Roger Metz in 1975 (IM mag) – Mr. Berg “Take a survey of bodybuilders as to what their favorite body part is and 99 per cent will says arms. Even …


Dennis Tinerino bodybuilding

Dennis Tinerino: Mr. America A Dream Come True

“As I sat in the lobby of the airport in Columbus, Ohio on Sunday, June 11, 1967, just one day after winning the “Mr. America” title, I heard the last call coming over the loud speaker for all boarding Flight 17 for Kennedy Airport, New York. When I was seated and buckled down in my …


ralph kroger bodybuilding

Meet Mr. America Ralph Kroger!

Article was written by Earl Liederman (1965) – Mr.Berg “A new bright star has risen in the athletic firmament over California skies. He is an inspiration for all who admire powerfully muscles physiques and for those who read about personages who do things. Ralph’s heavily muscled body should become an incentive for others who are …


Ralph Kroger – Mr. America routine

Ralph Kroger won the WBBG Mr. America crown. Kroger has won Best Legs in several Mr. America contests, his torso development is almost unequalled, and he has fine delts and abs. And yet it has taken Ralph nearly 15 years of steady training before top titles began to fall to him. Why? According to Dale …


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