Boyer Coe: The Seven Year Itch!

Here’s a great article about the transformation of golden era bodybuilder ‘Boyer Coe’. Use the great tag-system below and click ‘Boyer Coe’ for more articles related to Boyer! Mr. Berg “This it it!!! The real lowdown on how I decided to win the Mr. America title at 15 and finally succeeded in doing it at …


Bodybuilding Secrets of The Pros by Boyer Coe

Boyer Coe trained and knew the golden era bodybuilders. In this article he will reveal the secrets of those legends. The following article was published 1974. – Mr. Berg “Over the past 12 years that I have been associated with the Iron Game, one thing has become clear. I believe that in bodybuilding, more than …


Weight Training for Wrestling Program by Lloyd Red Lerille

The following workout routine was developed by Mr. America Winner Lloyd Red Lerille. He was born in 1936 and is a New Orleans native. The winner of numerous bodybuilding titles, including Mr. New Orleans in 1955, Mr. Armed Forces and Mr. Hawaii in 1958, Mr. Dixie in 1959, and AAU Mr. America which he won in …


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