John Corlett – Bodybuilding Photographer Died

Today, the world of bodybuilding lost a great photographer, physical culturist and human. As I started my website neckberg, I was looking for bodybuilding pictures, especially of Schwarzenegger and the golden era gang. I contacted Albert Busek, Wayne Gallasch and so on. But both didn’t allow me to use their great photographs. One day, I …


Dinosaur Training – YOU CAN’T BEAT OLDSCHOOL

2021 marks the 25th year of the release of Dinosaur Training by Brooks Kubik. Although Mr. Kubik has gone through publicized changes in his training style during this quarter of a century, this article is going to focus on his 1996 book which has had such a profound influence on strength training. The book is …


I Remember Sergio – Bob Gajda as told to Terry Strand

I REMEMBER SERGIO – BOB GAJDA AS TOLD TO TERRY STRAND (Republished w. permission) Sergio Oliva hated Castro and Communism, and that’s why he ended up in America, which he loved. He said, ‘Look, you can come here and work hard and enjoy your life and eat good food and all the rest.’ It might …


The Golden Way Of Every Mr. Olympia Winner Since 1965

The Mr. Olympia is the most prestigious and highest paid competition in the world of bodybuilding. After winning it, you’ll get money, sponsor ships and your fanbase on the social media will grow heavily. It’s quite interesting that almost every Mr. Olympia is also a successful business man. Dorian Yates, with his  supplement company, Lee …


The Man With The Mighty Arms

Arthur Verge was an oldschool strongman and able to strict curl his own bodyweight (152lb/69kg)! Here’s his story and training, published in Strength and Health July 1945 written by W.A. PULLUM! “During the 40 years that I have been teaching weight-training and lifting it has naturally fallen to my lot to produce some very outstanding …


hollywood low carb diet plan

History of The HOLLYWOOD Low-Carb Diet (UPDATED 2021)

The low-carb diet is widely used in both the fitness industry and the film industry. Kim Kardashian, LeBron James, and Megan Fox (1) eat a lot of proteins and fats, and low carbohydrates. In my home country of Germany, magazines like Spiegel and Zeit debate the effectiveness of this type of diet. They have published …


Over 100 Bodybuilding Program Spreadsheet

Over 100 Bodybuilding Program Spreadsheet In the below you’d the most read blog posts about how the oldtimers trained. Plus I listed about more than 100 articles, which contain the spreadsheet/split routine they used back in the day! Learn how Arnold Schwarzenegger and all other 70’s bodybuilder trained for free. Neckberg is the only source …


arnold schwarzenegger beach muscle

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Historical Training Guide

Do you want to train like Arnie or become a professional bodybuilder? And are you looking for the ultimate plan for success? Sorry to disappoint you. Arnold is a fan of instinctive training. There is not the ONLY true plan. He had dozens of different plans and his views changed constantly. Luckily, there were magazines …


kazmaier interview

Bill Kazmaier – The World’s Strongest Seminar

Jerry Pritchett, 2017 America’s Strongest Man hosted Bill Kazmaier at his gym for a seminar recently and I was lucky enough to attend. The Kaz has graced us with a great deal of social media information such as YouTube videos with Josh Bryant, many of his European seminars appear online, as well as his own …


mike mentzer private side

The Private Side of Mike Mentzer

THE PRIVATE SIDE OF MIKE MENTZER by Irene L. Hause (MuscleMag International Number 28 March 1982) with permission. Photo thumbnail by John Corlett, Edited by neckberg. A strikingly handsome man who moves with the fluid grace of a panther. A bodybuilding superstar. Extraordinarily articulate, yet soft-spoken. Even among friends, known as a very private person. …


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