Rudolf Plukfelder weightlifter workout

Rudolf Plukfelder – The Perfect Lifter

Great article about oldtime soviet weightlifter Rudolf Plukfelder. It was published in MB 1961. – Mr. Berg Rudolf Plukfelder taught himself the science of weightlifting and worked his way up from the mines of Siberia to the lifting platform and to world’s records! by DMITRI IVANOV SIBERIAN WINTERS ARE INCREDIBLY COLD! Outside the temperature drops to …


Russian Training System

Russian Training Program For Beginners

The following oldschool calisthenics workout was developed by Alexander Bucharov. He was one of the winner in the 1st and 2nd Russian Olympiad (1914-1915). The only thing you would need is a pair of light dumbbells or light weight ( e.g. bottles). Alex Bucharov: “Beginners should remember that it is the TIMES an exercise is …


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