Kettlebells For Different Development

KETTLEBELLS FOR DIFFERENT DEVELOPMENT By Siegmund Klein Nine out of ten of the old time strongmen had a certain ruggedness in their arms and upper bodies that many of the present day bodybuilders lack. In most cases this difference can be traced to the use of a variety of equipment now considered to be more …

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Siegmund Klein – Good Forearm Exercises

Siegmund Klein was a gym owner in New York. Furthermore he loved bodybuilding, strength training and writing articles. The following article was written in 1954. Mr. Klein will reveal some oldtime bodybuilding & strongman exercises! “Powerful wrists and forearms have always had a great fascination for many athletes, for large wrists and shapely forearms are …

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kettle bell workout oldtime strongman

Siegmund Klein – Fun with Kettlebells

“In “Old Germany” many weightlifting clubs had a Rundgewichtsriege, a “round-weight” or kettlebell section. This group practiced the more intricate feat of Jonglieren (juggling). Regular meets were held, and frequently exponents of this skilled art worked in groups of as many as fifty, all of whom performed at the same time, swinging the weight overhead, …

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oldschool grip training

Exercises for Strengthening the Grip

The following article was written by oldtime strongman and bodybuilder Siegmund Klein in 1965 April (published in MD). – Mr. Berg “Bodybuilders do not have the grip they should have! I know. For many years I have tested bodybuilders on gripping stunts and have found very of them possess the grip that their large biceps would …

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john grimek weightlifting workout

John Grimek’s Life as a Weightlifter

“Ever since the York Barbell Club was organized back in the late twenties, a champion or two was always found among its membership, although in those days the club was known as the York Oil Burner A.C. However, by 1937 its members dominated all championships and the majority of national records were held by this …

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Reg Park: The Strong Gentleman

Reg Park: The Strong Gentleman

Large broad shouldered, an easy laugh, well dressed, displaying a big neck, 3 times Mr. Universe Winner AND Arnold Schwarzenegger’s reason to start bodybuilding. Here’s the story of Reg Park!!! Reg Park was born on the 7th June 1928. He had an average childhood and was above average in swimming and athletics. Reg’s interest in …

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1920 strongman world war

1920 Strongmen: The Post-World War 1 Era

As we enter the 1920’s, strongmanism, like vaudeville, has already seen its best days come and go. The long ago strength feats of men like Louis Cyr, Eugen Sandow, and Arthur Saxon are now stuff of legend and remembered fondly by older lifters. For the younger generation however, the real strength stars are of more …

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