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A Brief Comparison Of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his son, Joseph Baena

It is quite interesting how similar their faces are, you can not neglect the fact that Joseph inherited Arnold’s genetics, especially for the pursuit of bodybuilding. Joseph has been training for several years, and on Instagram he uploaded his first workout on 23. SEPTEMBER 2018 and since then has made some  huge progress.  There is a …


Peary Rader: The Most Influential Person of Physical Culture of All time

The role that Peary Rader has played in the establishment of physical culture can not be understated. The founder and editor of Ironman Magazine provided a trusted platform in his periodical that presented timeless training and nutrition information. The boldest move that Peary made in publishing was placing the statement “The Quality Magazine For All …


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Oldtime Strongman Training For Back And Chest Growth

This was the first article written by Joseph Curtis Hise for Iron Man around 1940. You will find here a complete resume of most of Hise’s teachings and how to train for chest growth the oldschool way! – Mr. Berg “MUST” muscle as stated by Arthur Saxon: (meaning muscles that a strong man must have well …


Lamar Gant Workout Routine (Squat, Deadlift, Bench)

Lamar Gant (born 1957 in Fort Collins, Colorado) is an American world record-holding powerlifter with idiopathic scoliosis. He was inducted into the International Powerlifting Federation Hall of Fame in 1980. The following schedules were developed by Lamar Gant. Benchpress, deadlift and squat training! The deadlift routine assumes the lifters comes into program with a 500lb. max. After successfully …


oldschool chest training

Oldschool Training Secret: Squat and Pullovers!

Are you tired of bench pressing over the years without much progress in the chest? You need same variety? Then try the combination of squats and pullovers. Back in those days the bench press was the lazy way to train the chest. Old timers used to train their Rib-box with breathing and stretching exercises. In …


Joseph Curtis Hise: Breathing Squats

Joseph Curtis Hise (born 1905) used a straight 20 reps in the squat, and soon found that he weighed 237lb/107kg at 26 years of age. He continued his experiments and finally reached a bodyweight of 298lb/135kg and had an arm of 19 ½ inches (49.5cm), chest at 56 inches (142cm) and thighs that measured 33 inches (83cm) …


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