Compiling Steroid Talk from Great Muscle Champions

I am collecting old magazines and digitalizing them on my computer; further, I am downloading a lot of old material from forums and paid-membership websites, so I have a ton of information. In this article, I want to compile all old-time bodybuilders who had an opinion about steroids and further talked about steroid abuse. Of …


Schwarzenegger Was Forced To Take Steroids

Currently, I am reading an old and historical magazine published by Albert Busek, a long-time friend of Arnold. That magazine consists of insightful and private content about Schwarzenegger’s thoughts, training and diet. Furthermore, it contains rare snapshots of Schwarzenegger, one of which shows him at Oktoberfest with bodybuilding legends Franco Columbo and Ed Corney, smiling …


Roger Callard

An Exclusive Interview with Roger Callard

By Irene L. Hause , Muscle & Bodybuilder, May 1983 (w. permission) Roger Callard began bodybuilding at the tender age of five. His father, who was interested in weightlifting, encouraged him to train his chest as a possible means of overcoming childhood asthma (obstructed breathing). It worked, and Roger has been into weight training ever since. He began …


JAKE STEINFELD: Movie-Making’ Muscleman

From acting as a training partner for the former Mr. Universe, Kal Szkalak, to acting in Conan with Arnold, this bodybuilder has made some giant strides. JAKE STEINFELD: Movie-Making’ Muscleman Written by Irene L. Hause Photos by Michael Neveux and others Muscle & Bodybuilder Volume 3, Number 11 July 1981 “I was standing back behind the first wall I had to …



The following interview was sent by Irene Hause to me. She knew a lot of oldtime bodybuilders like Mike Mentzer and Ed Giuliani. Big thanks! AN EXCLUSIVE, EXPLOSIVE INTERVIEW with ED GIULIANI by Irene [L.] Hause Photos by Tim Kopack Muscle Up Volume 3, Number 9 February 1981 He’s been around the sport of bodybuilding …


mike mentzer private side

The Private Side of Mike Mentzer

THE PRIVATE SIDE OF MIKE MENTZER by Irene L. Hause (MuscleMag International Number 28 March 1982) with permission. Photo thumbnail by John Corlett, Edited by neckberg. A strikingly handsome man who moves with the fluid grace of a panther. A bodybuilding superstar. Extraordinarily articulate, yet soft-spoken. Even among friends, known as a very private person. …


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