magnus samuelsson strongman

Magnus Samuelsson: The Big Swede

Magnus Samuelsson had one of the longest and most successful Strongman careers in the history of the sport, with his entering the world championship level contests of the International Federation of Strongman Athletes and the World Strongest Man for 14 years. Prior to his entry in Strongman, Magnus was a European Arm Wrestling Champion like …

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Mike Jenkins – Lasting Strength Legacy

Thanksgiving in the United States is one of the most popular holidays, always falling on the last Thursday in November, but it reality it is a four day celebration of family, friends, food, football, and recently shopping. In the tightly knit world of Strongman competitors, Thanksgiving became a tragic time in 2013. The reason for …

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big jim williams benchpress

Big Jim Williams Benchpress Philosophy

Here’s a must read. Powerlifter and Iron Historian ‘Bob Gaynor’ was friend with Big Jim and witnessed him benching. He wrote the following article in 1989 – Mr. Berg “Throughout our lifting career we meet many individuals from many walks of life. My former training partner, Big Jim Williams of Scranton, Pennsylvania, is one of those …

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steve merjanian bodybuilding

Steve Merjanian: Oldschool Powerhouse!

The following article was written by bodybuilding legend Vern Weaver- Mr. Berg In this modern era of strength athletes there are very few men who can equal or purpose the great feats of Steve Marjanian. He is truly a man of super-strength. Steve began his athletic career as a high school football player. He attended …

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Karl Norberg: Old Man Strength!

Karl Norberg, born in 1893, in Brecke, Sweden, was a great benchpress legend. He was very famous and even trained with Bruno Sammartino!!! Furthermore Mr. Norberg was able to benchpress 460lb/208kg at age of 71! In this article you will learn Mr. Norberg’s lifestory and training philosophy, have fun – Mr. Berg!! On January 5, 1893, in the …

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The Lost Art of Teeth Lifting

The following strongman stunt is very oldschool; lifting with your teeths. In the thumbnail you would see Steve Reeves, 1947 AAU Mr. America, at the Los Angeles Woodberry College, performing a teeth lift with his friend, 210-pound 1948 AAU Mr. America, George Eiermann. In this article you will learn how to proper lift with your …

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how to bend nails strongman exercise

The Art Of Nail Bending

The following technique of bending nails was developed by oldtimer Peter Lindop – have fun! How to bend nails with your hands? According to Mr. Lindop Nail Breaking is one of the best ways of developing one’e forearm, and to demonstrate one’s forearm and wrist strength. The man in the street or at your place …

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James Henderson Bench Press Routine

James Henderson is one of the greatest benchpresser! He is also known as Big James Henderson and James “Hollywood” Henderson and was born April 9, 1965 in Roxbury, Massachusetts. Henderson is a graduate of Mercer University, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in theology and psychology. He is the first man in history to bench 700lb unequipped …

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Anthony Clark Workout Routine

Anthony Wayne Clark (born September 15, 1966 in Philippines — died May 22, 2005 in Friendswood, Texas, U.S.) was an American powerlifter, holder of the world record for the reverse grip bench press and member of the York Barbell Hall of Fame. He was the first and only teenager to bench press 600 pounds, 1986. …

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