Terry Todd Workout Routine

Terry Todd Workout Routine For Bulk and Power

Terry Todd, mentor of Hafthor Julius Bjornsson (World’s Strongest Man), was an American powerlifter, and Olympic weightlifter. At the 1965 Nationals, Todd became the first man to squat more than 700 lbs. in competition, by squatting 710 lbs! Mr. Todd favored partial movements in his training to gain size and strength. Terry cited that if you do heavy …


chuck sipes cable training

Cable Training by Mr. America Chuck Sipes

According to Mr. America Chuck Sipes cable/band training puts more and more tension on the tendons, ligaments, and muscle area. Through cable work, these areas are strengthened in a different way than from weight training. With this thought in mind, the powerlifter would be wise to consider such training with cables in a powerlift schedule …


Geoff Capes: Britain’s Strongman Pioneer

In the early 70s the britain were forced to take a back seat when it came to producing men of immense size and strength. America ruled in this area. But thankfully their domination came to an end.  The former Huntington policeman, Geoffrey Lewis Capes, had climbed to the top. In less than a decade, Geoff Capes …


Don Reinhoudt Training Routine

Don Reinhoudt, The World’s Strongest Man 1978, is considered to be one of the greatest powerlifters of all time, Reinhoudt setted over forty powerlifting records throughout his career and held all four of the powerlifting records in his day Routine Monday: heavy benches Tuesday: heavy squats Wednesday: off Thursday: off Friday: light benches Saturday: heavy deadlifts …


Mac Batchelor Training For Grip Strength

The mighty Mac Batchelor possessed finger grip with more power than anyone else in the world. The fact that he can open bottles with his fingers, bend the bottle-caps between any fingers, straighten the caps out again and then once more bend them along the grooves between any fingers will prove his finger power. Furthermore Mac …


Jon Pall Sigmarsson Training Routine

I heard a rumour that Jon Pall used to read in his earlier training years George F. Jowett Training Course. It’s a very old course about working out without weights. Just click on the link or use the tag system and click ‘George Jowett’ . Furthermore the magazine “Powerlifting USA 1988 (mar)” cited that Jon …


Hermann Goerner Training with kettlebells

Monday 1. Two hands snatch – After loosening up with calisthenics he would work up in eight or ten sets of between one and three from around 125 to 300 on a good day 2. Two hands clean and jerk – beginning with 220 pounds, he would work up slowly to near his limit, which …


Bill Kazmaier’s Training Routine

Bill Kazmaier is an American former world champion powerlifter. He was able to bench press 661.4lb/300kg. He was known for his psyching up before bench pressing. He used to break open two ammonia capsules and cram them up his nostrils. He sniffed and got an eye opening burst of ehilaration. He screamed, stompped his feet and attacked …


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