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My Tribute To Bobby Pandour

Old article by muscle control artist ‘Otto Arco’ published 1942! – Mr. Berg “Comparative little has been written about the great athlete, Bobby Pandour, although he was one of the outstanding figures in the Physical Culture world, and one of the first pioneers in the “art of muscle control” and posing. There is still some …

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Siegmund Klein – Fun with Kettlebells

“In “Old Germany” many weightlifting clubs had a Rundgewichtsriege, a “round-weight” or kettlebell section. This group practiced the more intricate feat of Jonglieren (juggling). Regular meets were held, and frequently exponents of this skilled art worked in groups of as many as fifty, all of whom performed at the same time, swinging the weight overhead, …

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eugen sandow bodybuilder

The Day Sargent Examined Eugen Sandow

Great article about german strongman and bodybuilder Eugen Sandow written by Terry Todd. Published 1965 in S&H mag . – Mr. Berg “Early in 1849, a young German strongman appeared in the United States who created a sensation in every city in which he appeared. His fame far exceeded that of any strongman before or since. His …

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hermann saxon strongman

Advice for oldsters by Hermann Saxon

“Frequently friends and correspondents from all parts of the world ask for my opinion about weight lifting and training for older men. Since I have long since passed the three-quarters century mark, there is no doubt that I myself fall into the “older man” category. For the sake of this discussion, let us arbitrarily assume …

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Grizzly bear, strongman and father. That was Doyle Kenady. The magazine “Powerlifting USA” shows Doyle Kenady’s 903LBS deadlift. The world record at the time was Bill Kazmaier’s 886lb. And then Doyle broken Kaizmaier’s record! He was an amazing athlete and human. They don’t make men like Doyle Kenady anymore.Kenady was a running back in high school. But high …


A Tribute to Luke Iams

“John L. (“Luke”) Iams, 55, of New Martinsville, WV, died April 10, 2004 in Wetzel County Hospital. He was born February 05, 1949. He was a graduate of Fairmont State College and the Pittsburgh School of Mortuary Science. He was a powerlifter, and the owner of Luke’s Gym. In view of his passing, the memories …

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Anthony Ditillo death

Anthony Ditillo’s Death and Tribute

“For everyone that once knew and loved him, Anthony Charles Ditillo died on February 28, 2002 at the age of 54. He was a lifter of almost 40 years; never once even considering to stop his love of listing when being diagnosed with an enlarged heart at the age of 45. Also with this diagnostic, …

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Reidar Steen

Reidar Steen: Strongman From Norway

The following article was written by Vern Hollister in 1985. – Mr. Berg “In 1982, Reidar Steen placed third at the Senior Men’s World contest, and in 1984, at the World meet in Dallas, Texas, he placed fourth. At the age of 41, Reidar has won the World Masters championship. He benched, squatted, and deadlifted in …

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