1920 strongman world war

1920 Strongmen: The Post-World War 1 Era

As we enter the 1920’s, strongmanism, like vaudeville, has already seen its best days come and go. The long ago strength feats of men like Louis Cyr, Eugen Sandow, and Arthur Saxon are now stuff of legend and remembered fondly by older lifters. For the younger generation however, the real strength stars are of more …


The Next Eddie Hall: Luke Richardson?

A few weeks ago Luke setted a new total world record with 21 years. He squatted 403kg/888lb, benched 222.5kg/490lb and deadlifted 385kg/848lb. Was this guy always big and strong? He’s been uploading pictures on Instagram for years. And there are some pictures from his teenage hood. Above that is Luke Richardson deadlifting with 140kg/308lb and doing cardio with …


Power lifting in 1940

With the beginnings of World War II in 1939, Europe’s weightlifting establishment was forced to endure a seven year break from international competition. On our side of the Atlantic, several top American lifters of the late 30’s and early 40’s were also affected by the war and wound up in the military. Despite World War …


Doyle Kenady Mountain Man from Oregon

Doyle Kenady Mountain man from Oregon as told to Powerlifting USA by Gus Rethwisch Doyle Kenady passed away from a heart attack at age 50, on my birthday, February 3rd. Doyle cut an impressive figure with his mountain man beard and prodigious strength at 5’10”, 310lbs. He was a 2time IPF World Champion and just …


One Year Bicep Tear Recovery by Zitronenquark

Stephan Krippl aka. “Zitronenquark” teard his biceps during deadlift one year ago. Stephan is a Power Lifter from Germany, Bavaria. He is able to benchpress 256kg/564lb to deadlift 360kg/793lb and to squat 310kg/683lb RAW. Today he is fully recovered and is able to train like a mad man! But how exactly did he tear his bicep? As I …


Jouko Ahola is more man than YOU!

Jouko Ahola was born December 1, 1970. He was a tough Finnish former strongman. He won the “World’s Strongest Man” in 1997 and 1999. Furthermore he was able to beat big guys like Flemming Rasmussen, Magnus Samuelsson, Svend Karlsen and Magnús Ver Magnússon. . Jouko’s mindset was unique during oldschool strongman era. He used to bleed heavy when …


bob peoples deadlift record holder

Bob Peoples The World’s Strongest Farmer!

Bob Peoples was a farmer, deadlift-record-holder and a great innovative thinker. This guy invented the power rack, straps, safety bar and leg press. Bob’s stats Height: 176cm/5’9″, Best Deadlift : 725 3/4lb [329.2kg] @181lb [82KG] at the age of 40 He was a country man. John Robert “Bob” Peoples was born in 21 August, 1910 in Tennessee, the state of …


WW2 Survivor and Strongman: Hermann Goerner!

Today I would like to tell about Hermann Görner. He was a famous Strongman from Germany. He performed in many countries and he is known as „Stärkster Mann der Welt“ the strongest man to ever walk the earth! He had a crazy grip strength. Hermann deadlifted 330kg/52stone/727lb with one hand! Earlier years He was born in …


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