Jusup Wilkosz Bein Training Oldschool

Vorwort von neckberg: Ein sehr interessantes bein-training buch von Jusup Wilkosz. Damals in den frühen 80ern waren Jusup und Arnold Schwarzenegger Trainingspartner und gut befreundet. Arnold hatte sogar Jusup von Deutschland nach Santa Monica zu sich einfliegen lassen, um gemeinsam zu trainieren. Gerüchten zu folge hat Arnold sogar geschafft für Jusup eine Rolle für den film …


serge nubret leg workout

Serge Nubret Intense Leg Workout

The following article was written by bodybuilder photographer Denie Walter (1980). He knew and met Serge Nubret! – Mr. Berg “If I told you Serge Nubret – that super champion of all-time – is 41 years old, would you believe me? Of course you would not…but he is. And in spite of that he just …


leg workout jim haislop

Develop Leg Muscles by Jim Haislop

“Keeping the legs in shape should be of prime concern to everyone and especially to the body builder or weight trainee. The legs always seem to be the first thing to go when one gets older. It’s a sad thing to see an elderly person with good eye sight, hearing and sound general condition, but …


Great Gama Workout Secret Exposed!

The immortal Gama of India, the legendary wrestler from the land of the maharajas, who was never defeated in a career which spanned a quarter of a century and covered most of the world! In this article I will present Gama’s training secret and the indian wrestling philosophy – Have fun! – Mr. Berg Great Gama …


band workout cable resistance

Strand Pulling Exercises For Legs and Abs

The following chest expander exercises was recommended and developed by training expert David Webster. You are allowed to use any form of resistance equipment (Bands, Strand Pulling or Cable). In this tutorial he used the strand pulling and resistance band, have fun! Strand Pulling Workout for Abs Sit Ups The strandpulling version of an old favorite sit-up. …


leg workout mass and shape oldschool

Oldschool Leg Workout for Mass and Shape

In the following article you will find a list of proven exercises used by Mr. America Vern Weaver to build your leg development for mass and shape! – Mr. Berg The approach is simply: to obtain outstanding leg development you must have a combination of bulk and shape. The only way to acquire this combination is through …


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