anthony ditillo rack training bulk

Training With The Power Rack

The following article was written by powerbuilder ‘Anthony Ditillo’. Back in the day he was quite famous for his strength and bulk training. He changed a whole generation of youngsters and helped them to become big, strong and confident. Here’s Anthony’s training philosophy (source: IM 1984 May) – Mr. Berg “Training intensity and the application …

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hafthor bjornsson strongman inzer suit

John Inzer – Powerlifting Mogul

I just finished watching Thor Bjornsson deadlift 970lbs for a triple at his house during the height of the world COVID pandemic. Thor wears a perfectly fitted Inzer deadlift suit that he does not try to cover up with sweats or gym clothes. Although more lifters today train and compete raw, without supportive gear, today’s …

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Bill West – Gained Over 100lb!

Classic and old article about Bill “Peanuts” West by Earle Liederman published in S&H 1962 March. – Mr. Berg “The story of Bill West, the California strongman, is a revelation of what a special diet combined with weightlifting can make out of a thin weakling. Bill weighed but 102 pounds when his hands first touched a …

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Roger Estep Question and Answers

Dear Roger: I have been bodybuilding for 2 years now and made terrific gains. My partner and I have been thinking about training exclusively for power. In the primary lifts we do triple reps one day and singles the next. Can you please give me a day by day training program I can follow, consisting …

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More about Benchpress Legend Pat Casey

Ken Leistner used to write for the strength magazine ‘Powerlifting USA’. He was a highly decorated author and chiropractor. He met the legendary powerlifter ‘Pat Casey. The following excerpt is from PL USA (1996. July) – Mr. Berg “Not every lifter has his or her own ideas about the squat, the deadlift, or training for those two …

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roger estep workout

Bench Press Routine by Roger Estep

Here’s a great excerption from Roger Estep’s question and answers column published in PL USA. In the 80s fans from the whole world used to send letters to Estep and he answered them. – Mr. Berg Dear Roger: I am a non-competitive weight lifter, 6’1″ and 205lbs. I currently bench press 265lb., but can’t seem …

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Forced Reps With John Kuc

Sometimes John Kuc struggled to bench 500lb+ but his training partner ‘Big Jim Williams’ helped him with some new training ideas. Finally John benched 600lb in 1972 World Championships. Here’s a great excerpt from John Kuc about forced rep training published in PL USA 1980. – Mr. Berg “John Kuc made some amazing…absolutely amazing progress using …

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