paul anderson benchpress

Improve your Bench Press by Paul Anderson

Since the benchpress has been standardized by competition rules, the very wide grip using the pectoral muscles primarily is used only today by those who are devoting their time exclusive to bodybuilding. Considering this, let us talk about the benchpress as it used in competition. This lift is performed by the deltoids and triceps, as …

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reg park arm workout oldschool

How Reg Park Developed 20 1/2″ Arms!

Every bodybuilder admires and wants bigger arms. To date, the largest arm measured Reg Park has had were 20 1/2 inches at 235 pounds bodyweight. According to Mr. Park if you are already in fairly hard muscular shape, it will be impossible for you to increase your arm size unless you increase your bodyweight. So, if, …

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Great Gama Workout Secret Exposed!

The immortal Gama of India, the legendary wrestler from the land of the maharajas, who was never defeated in a career which spanned a quarter of a century and covered most of the world! In this article I will present Gama’s training secret and the indian wrestling philosophy – Have fun! – Mr. Berg Great Gama …

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how to bend nails strongman exercise

The Art Of Nail Bending

The following technique of bending nails was developed by oldtimer Peter Lindop – have fun! How to bend nails with your hands? According to Mr. Lindop Nail Breaking is one of the best ways of developing one’e forearm, and to demonstrate one’s forearm and wrist strength. The man in the street or at your place …

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strand pulling exercise how to

Should I Train With Strand Pulling ?

Bob Hoffman (November 9, 1898 – July 18, 1985) was an American entrepreneur who rose to prominence as the owner of York Barbell. The following thoughts about working out with strand pulling are based on Bob Hoffman’s writing! – Have fun – Mr. Berg. Training with strand pulling Do you use chest expanders, if not, …

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band workout cable resistance

Strand Pulling Exercises For Legs and Abs

The following chest expander exercises was recommended and developed by training expert David Webster. You are allowed to use any form of resistance equipment (Bands, Strand Pulling or Cable). In this tutorial he used the strand pulling and resistance band, have fun! Strand Pulling Workout for Abs Sit Ups The strandpulling version of an old favorite sit-up. …

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Build Your Own Hand Gripper!

The next time some wise guy shakes hands with you and you feel all the bones in your hands and fingers crunch and crackle, don’t get mad. The guy’s probably been exercising with a “Gripper” and has developed that well known vice-like grip. Make one yourself and pulverize his pinkies the next time. The Gripper …

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