lifting straps

How to use lifting straps by Tommy Kono

Tommy Kono, a weightlifting gold medalist, tells you how to use hand straps to get most out of exercises. His advice is aimed at all of the big three – bodybuilders, powerlifters and Olympic lifters. Ever use straps in your training? If you haven’t, you have missed out on one piece of inexpensive training paraphernalia …


Keep A Training Log Book! By Tommy Kono

Gold Medalist and weightlifting champion Tommy Kono will explain why and how you should keep logging your training, have fun – Mr. Berg Chest – 29″, Expanded – 30″, Waist – 26″, Arms – 8 “, Flexed – 9″, Height – 4’8 1/2”, Bodyweight – 74 1/2lb., and so on went the list Tommy Kono …


Starting Weightlifting Tips From Champions (Oldschool)

You want to be a weightlifter or start training? In this article 5 weightlifting legends will speak and present their thoughts about starting lifting weights. And when they speak you have to listen! Have fun – Mr. Berg. Tommy Kono  “The first thing any fledging lifter should do is to familiarize himself with or even memorize …


Tommy Kono Workout Routine

Tommy Kono (June 27, 1930 – April 24, 2016) was born in Sacramento, California, U.S.A. He moved to Honoluli, Hawaii, where he managed a physical culture equipment and health store. Kono started his weight lifting career in 1948. During the 1950’s, from the time he won his first Olympics in 1952, Tommy was invincible. He was undefeated internationally …


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