Jesse Marunde: A Strongman Gone Far Too Early

I have been involved in strength sports since 1984, so I have been able to meet some very impressive specimens who played football, powerlifted, bodybuilt, fought in combat sports, or competed in strongman competitions- the strongest of the strong. I got to meet Jesse Marunde at the 2002 Northeast Strongman Showdown in Burlington, Massachusetts. I …


John Kuc ‘The Legend’

Around 1980 John Kuc retired and stopped powerlifting. At this time his best friend Bob Gaynor wrote the following tribute (source PL USA) – Mr. Berg “It is with a great deal of respect and a tremendous amount of disappointment that I must report the end of an era. It now appears that the competitive …


Dave Pasanella poiwerlifting tribute

Tribute To Lifting Legend Dave Pasanella

The following piece of lifting history was published in PL USA (back in the day it was one of the greatest lifting magazines!). Dave Pasanella died very young, and here’s is a great tribute to him.. Mr. Berg “Another tragedy has struck the sport of Powerlifting – on June 12th, the 28 year old Director of …


Jon Pall Sigmarsson Tribute

Brian Batcheldor is a long time friend of Jon Pall and has promoted many strength competitions in the United Kingdom. The following tribute was written by Mr. Batcheldor! “Throughout history of the greatest respected attribute of a man has been his strength, being tested by various form of competition across the world. Many of these …


Eric Coppin: Legends Will Never Die

Eric Coppin was the best belgium lifter. In the IPF World Championship 1987 he was able to squat 360kg (792lbs) to bench press 207,5kg (456,5lbs) and to deadlift 373,5kg (823,4lbs) at a bodyweight of 83kg (182,6lbs). His feat of strength is as big as Ed Coan. At the age of 27 Eric was very young. He was definitily not in his …


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