abe goldberg bodybuilder

A Personal Interview with Abe Goldberg

A Personal Interview with Abe Goldbergby Prof. Em. OrlickYour Physique 1947 May His name is Abe Goldberg, and believe me, Joe’s enthusiasm about him was not misplaced. Abe stripped to gym togs for me and gave a nice muscular display as anyone could hope to see. His body was terrific and his muscular definition phenomenal. …


john farbotnik mr america

The Amazing Story of JOHN FARBOTNIK

If you are a bodybuilding enthusiast you have already heard about John Farbotnik. During the year 1946 he entered competition for the first time in his life and won “Best Chest” in the Mr. America Contest against the best buiklt men in the country. This was the contest in which Alan Stephan won the Mr. …


Bruce Randall bodybuilding oldschool

Bruce Randall – A New Strength Star

Old article about bodybuilding legend Bruce Randall. Published in S&H 1954 by Walt Metzler! – Mr. Berg “Big Bruce Randall started weight training at the Naval Air Station Gym in Norfolk,Virgin, January 2, 1953. He is in the Marine Corps and is assigned to the station. He had never used weights before last year and …


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Bill Grant and His Rugged Training Program

In this article you will learn the golden era legend Bill Grant. He competed against such legends Jim Haislop, Chris Dickerson, Boyer Coe and and and…Furthermore he trained with Arnold and Franco Columbo..Above you would see one of the most famous pictures! Arnold doing some calf raises and there are sitting two bodybuilders…Of course there’s …


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How to Bulk Up Quick in The Gym and Kitchen

US Army Bodybuilding Champion ‘Ray Routledge’ will reveal his secrets about gaining weights with proper exercises, nutrition, sets and reps. He used to compete in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and won the most prestigious title MR AMERICA (1961). The following oldschool diet course was written in the year 1962 by Ray Routledge! – Mr. …


Ray Routledge mr america workout

Build Strong Arms For Lasting Size and Shape

The following arm program was written by ‘Ray Routledge’ in 1961..Furthermore this oldtime bodybuilder was serving with the US Forces in Europe! – Mr. Berg “There have been many arm routines published in this magazine through the years written by men, including Mr. America, with superior arm development. Since most bodybuilders, both novices and veterans, are …


The Improved Bill Pearl And His Training Program

There are many articles about Bill Pearl’s training. But the following is very unique and rare..it was written by Bill’s coach ‘Leo Stern’. Leo coached and helped him in his teenage years to build a great physique. I asked Bill Pearl about him and he wrote this: “Berg, without Leo Stern there would be no Bill …


Don Howorth bodybuilding

Don Howorth: California’s Mr. Everything

The following article was written by bodybuilding legend ‘Geene Mooze’ in 1963 (S&H mag) – Mr. Berg “Twenty-seven year old Don Howorth has blossomed on the horizon as one of the brightest physique stars from the West Coast in many years. Not since the days of Lynn Lyman had a Californian swept the Mr. Los …


Paul Wrenn: The Powerlifting Hero

Paul Wrenn competed in the early 70s against legends like John Kuc and Big Jim Williams. Here’s a rare and great interview by iron historian Fred Rice (published in PL USA 1999) – Mr. Berg “Paul Wrenn is a name familiar to everyone associated with powerlifting. His pictures have appeared frequently on the pages of …


Powerlifting Diet by John Kuc

The following oldschool strong man diet was developed by legend John Kuc. Use my great tag-system below and click ‘John Kuc’ to learn more about him.. – Mr. Berg When John Kuc was a full Superheavyweight…eating just about anything that was handy, he ended up with high blood pressure problems…he took care of that situation …


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