Rod Koontz bodybuilding

Rod Koontz: Mr. USA of 1977

In the world wide web Rod Koontz is known as ‘the homeless bodybuilder’. In this article you will learn the human behind this golden era legends. The following article was published by Irene Hause – Mr. Berg  MR. USA OF 1977—ROD KOONTZ Written by Irene L. Hause Muscle Digest, July/August 1978 “I don’t care how …


leo stern bodybuilding

Leo Stern: Bodybuilding Legend!

Leo Stern (1922-2009) influenced the world of bodybuilding and powerlifting. In the golden era of bodybuilding he was well known. Oldtimers will be familiar with the name ‘Leo Stern’. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger visited Leo and proved that he hasn’t forgotten his roots. Hat’s off. Here’s Leo Stern’s mental attitude and workout routine – Mr. Berg Leo started …


Mel Hennesy powerlifter

Mel Hennesy’s powerbuilding program!

At a bodyweight of 215lb. Mel has benchpressed 535lb, squatted 535lb and deadlifted 600lb. Although he seldom works them, he has pressed 300lb from behind the neck and military pressed 325lb. All of Mel’s lifts are done in extremely strict style. When you see him lifting over 500lb in the benchpress in such a smooth …


Jim Haislop: Navy Bodybuilder Champion

Oldschool Bodybuilder Jim Haislop won the Mr. Florida and Mr. Universe title. Furthermore he joined the Navy. In this article you will learn how he ate, trained and lived. – Mr. Berg Dick Dudge, the “Tampa Health Club” trained some bodybuilding icons and helped to win the title Mr. Florida.His first gym member was Lowell …


Roger Walker: Mr. Australia 1973

Roger Walker began training at 17 years of age. He never had any instruction or good equipment. In a way it was good because he had to find out the hard way what was good for him. It took a few years to make any progress. At that time he was in the Armed Services …


Bob Gajda bodybuilder

Bob Gajda: Bodybuilder Biography and Workout

Oldschool bodybuilder Bob Gajda is considered by many to be the physique surprise in the 1965 Mr. America contest. His nickname was “The Darkhouse”. In this article you will learn how he lived, ate and trained. The workout routine at the end followed Mr. gajda prior to winning the 1965 Mr. USA contest. – Mr. …


Joe Bednarski workout

Joe Bednarski: The Polish Hammer

Józef Bednarski (born January 21, 1941) is a Polish-American former professional wrestler and bodybuilder, best known by the ring name Ivan Putski. He was given the nicknames “The Polish Hammer” and “Polish Power”. In this article you will learn how Mr. Bednarski trained before he was bitten by the wrestling bug. As a youngster he …


Arnold Dyson mr universe

How Arnold Dyson Become Mr. Universe 1953

Arnold Dyson first commenced training in March 1948, just after being demobbed from the Army (rank S/Sgt. Drill Inst.) that was first first taste of weight-training – previously, from September 1947, he had done road work and general boxing training – he was fighting at 11 st. whilst stationed in Middle East Land Forces (Greece …


Jim Park workout

Jim Park Mr. Universe Training

Jim Park. 1952 AAU Mr. America, was raised in Brave, Pennsylvania, population 500. At age 17, Park left school to join the United States Navy. Discharged in 1947, he moved to Chicago to attend the American Television Institute. Living at the YMCA hotel, he began weight-training. Park won the 1952 Mr. World contest and the 1954 …


Weight Training for Wrestling Program by Lloyd Red Lerille

The following workout routine was developed by Mr. America Winner Lloyd Red Lerille. He was born in 1936 and is a New Orleans native. The winner of numerous bodybuilding titles, including Mr. New Orleans in 1955, Mr. Armed Forces and Mr. Hawaii in 1958, Mr. Dixie in 1959, and AAU Mr. America which he won in …


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