3 Bodybuilders Who Committed Suicide

Many people suffer with those issues. Battling with issues is a common and normal thing in life. Strength stars like Travis Ortmayer, Chris Duffin and Chad Aichs used to discuss about those topics in the past. I researched and found three famous bodybuilders (Chuck Sipes, Vern Weaver, Joe Meeko) who committed suicide officially. There’s an another bodybuilder …


Back Workout Vern Weaver

Back Workout Routine by Mr. America Vern Weaver

Vern Weaver won the Mr. America title in 1963. The following oldschool back workout routine was developed by him. Have fun – Mr. Berg! Program No. 1 – It is designed strictly for strength and for individual who prefers heavy training. However, this program is also equally effective in gaining size or bulk. After you …


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