hollywood low carb diet plan

History of The HOLLYWOOD Low-Carb Diet (UPDATED 2021)

The low-carb diet is widely used in both the fitness industry and the film industry. Kim Kardashian, LeBron James, and Megan Fox (1) eat a lot of proteins and fats, and low carbohydrates. In my home country of Germany, magazines like Spiegel and Zeit debate the effectiveness of this type of diet. They have published …


Vince Gironda Training Philosophy

The following workout routines are based on old bodybuilding magazines (e.g. Muscle Mag). I never read one of Vince’s book and never bought them because they are rare and very expensive (around 200-300$). But I think the routines from the magazines are accurate. Have fun! – Mr. Berg Vince Gironda outlined the following program which …


Vince Gironda Diet Plan and Philosophy

This article is based on old bodybuilding magazines. Vince Gironda used to holdĀ seminars through the world. Robert Kennedy (publisher of Muscle Mag Magazine) was a big fan of Vince. He visited and taped the seminar. He putĀ Vince’s speech into the magazine. None of the Muscle Mag articles were ghost written or made up. It was …


Ray Routledge mr america mr universe

Raymond Routledge: U.S. Air Force Bodybuilder Champion

Mr. Routlege won both the Mr. Universe title and Mr. America title in the same year 1961. For my younger followers: those two titles were the most prestigious titles in American Bodybuilding history! Mr. Routledge was very famous, every bodybuilding magazine wanted to print his physique on their covers. Millions of young people saw and …


Chris Dickerson Mr. Universe Training

Chris Dickerson (b. 1939) became the first African American Mr. America Winner in 1970 and the won the most prestigious title “IFBB Mr. Olympia” in 1982 at the age of 43. Chris was an average bodybuilder with exceptional calves and was able to turn into one of the top physique men in the country. His tremendous progress is …


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