Rudolf Plukfelder weightlifter workout

Rudolf Plukfelder – The Perfect Lifter

Great article about oldtime soviet weightlifter Rudolf Plukfelder. It was published in MB 1961. – Mr. Berg Rudolf Plukfelder taught himself the science of weightlifting and worked his way up from the mines of Siberia to the lifting platform and to world’s records! by DMITRI IVANOV SIBERIAN WINTERS ARE INCREDIBLY COLD! Outside the temperature drops to …

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john grimek weightlifting workout

John Grimek’s Life as a Weightlifter

“Ever since the York Barbell Club was organized back in the late twenties, a champion or two was always found among its membership, although in those days the club was known as the York Oil Burner A.C. However, by 1937 its members dominated all championships and the majority of national records were held by this …

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russ knipp weightlifting

Russ Knipp American Olympic Weightlifter

Russell “Russ” Knipp was an American weightlifter, born in 1942 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He served in the U. S. Army. The following article was written by Ed Nowosielski – Mr. Berg “The Boys’ Club of Pittsburgh has a young man who is making a name for himself when it comes to weightlifting. This personable youth …

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Precious Mckenzie Workout Routine

WEEK A MONDAY Squat Benchpress Deadlift TUESDAY Upright row Leg press Front squat Deadlift (straps) WEDNESDAY Half squats Incline Press Deadlift (from blocks) Thursday Front squats Shrugs Bench press (from sticking point) Friday Benchpress Seated squats Partial deadlifts  WEEK B MONDAY Squat Benchpress Deadlift TUESDAY Fast deadlifts Full squats Leg press WEDNESDAY Hack squat Pullover …

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Bob Bednarski weightlifting

Bob Bednarski: Weightlifting Legend

The following article was published by iron historian Jon Terpark (1965). In this article you will learn Bob Bednarski’s training program. Use the great tag-system below for more weightlifting articles! – Mr. Berg “This young man is a true credit to the sport and if he is able to keep his bodyweight below 200 pounds, …

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George Pickett weightlifting

George Pickett: Heavyweight on his way!

George “Big Ernie” Pickett, the 29-year-old behemoth from Baltimore, Maryland, is causing heavyweights around the country to sit up and take notice. His improvement in the last few months indicate that he will certainly be a top contender for national honors in upcoming years. There has been considerable debate throughout lifting circles concerning the height …

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Mark Henry Weightlifting Career, Workout and Records

Mark Jerrold Henry (born June 12, 1971) is an American powerlifter, Olympic weightlifter, strongman, and retired professional wrestler, who is currently signed to WWE under a Legends contract. Here’s Mark Henry background story about weightlifting, powerlifting and some interesting thoughts about steroids and powerlifting equipment, have fun – Mr. Berg! Before wrestling Mark Henry was 3-times Texas State …

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Dave Sheppard Weightlifting Workout

David Joseph Sheppard (b. 1931 d. 2000) was an American weightlifter and Olympic medalist. He received a silver medal at the 1956 Summer Olympics in Melbourne. Dave was known as a “Boy Wonder” of weightlifting. With the age of 22 he was able to win his first National Championship. He began weight training in 1946, …

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