The Rocky Balboa of Weightlifting? Precious McKenzie!

This man (Height 4’11”) has had a color ful life. Britain’s greatest hope for an international title in the fledgling sport of Powerlifting. McKenzie was born in South Africa in 1936, he was less than 2 years of age when his father was killed by a crocodile on the Limpopo river. He became ill with …


Doug Hepburn: The Strongman, with a fragile psyche

Douglas Ivan Hepburn (1926 – November 22, 2000) was a Canadian strongman and weightlifter. During the 1950s he was publicly known as the “world’s strongest man”. Doug was also a singer, a dog-raiser, a gym owner, a bouncer, a philosopher. He usually wore a moustache, which with his thick dark hair gave him the look of an …


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