One Year Bicep Tear Recovery by Zitronenquark

Stephan Krippl aka. “Zitronenquark” teard his biceps during deadlift one year ago. Stephan is a Power Lifter from Germany, Bavaria. He is able to benchpress 256kg/564lb to deadlift 360kg/793lb and to squat 310kg/683lb RAW. Today he is fully recovered and is able to train like a mad man! But how exactly did he tear his bicep? As I …


Who is Zitronenquark ?

He is a very nice guy and currently became father. He could beat up your dad with one punch! His Strength Level: Height: 191cm/6 feet Benchpress: 256kg/564lb Deadlift: 360kg/793lb  Squat: 310kg/683lb If you dont know Zitronenquark then you have to know him! He has got a youtube account and he is used to uploading intense …


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