Tony Emmott Workout Routine For Mr. Olympia

Tony Emmott is a UK bodybuilding champion and he was a postal deliverer prior to becoming a successful bodybuilder. In the year 1976 Tony Emmott fulfilled a lifelong ambition by winning the prestigious title NABBA Mr. Universe (1977).

After winning the Mr. Universe title he competed at the 1978 Mr. Olympia contest. It was the greatest muscles contest of all time. He competed against men such as Frank Zane, Robby Robinson, Boyer Coe, Szkalack, Padilla, Corney, etc. But Tony could manage only fifth place.

For the 1979 Mr. Olympia he trained hard. He is a great believer in creating a tremendous burn in the muscle, and sometimes this becomes rather difficult to achieve since the muscles quickly become familiar with certain workload.

When this happens, you have to employ certain tricks to achieve that buring feeling deep down. He often supersetted two exercises for the same bodypart, and this produces a terrific burn on the last couple of reps.

This is Tony’s workout prior to the 1979 Mr. Olympia. He trained six times a week, worked his legs in the morning and his upper body in the evening. 

Legs Set Rep
1. Squats (light) 3 20
2. Leg Press Super Set 4 15
2. Thigh Curls Super Set 4 15
3. Thigh Extensions (One-Legged, 4×20 each leg) 4 20
4. Donkey Calf Raise 10 20
5. Seated Calf Raise 5 20
6. Calf Stretching


Abdominals Set Rep
1. Sit ups 6 20
2. Leg Raise 4 20
2. Seated Twist 4 20
3. Partial Crunch Situps 4 20


Chest Set Rep
1. Bench Press (Heavy) 4  
2. Incline DB Flyes 4 12
3. Decline DB Flyes 4 15
3.  Incline DB Flye/Press (5 Reps Flying, 4 Reps Press) 4 10
4. Pec Deck Squeeze 4 15
Shoulders Set Rep
1. Seated Press Behind Neck 4 12
2. Single-Arm Floor Pulley 4 15
2. Side Laterals    
3. Bentover Cable Laterals 4 15
4. Alt Db Front Raises 4 15


Back Set Rep
1. Nautillus Style Parallel Grip Pulldown, Super Set 4 15
2. Nautillus Pullover Machine, Super Set 15
3. Seated Long Lat Pull-ins 4 15
4. Alt Front and Back Chins 4 10
Arms Set Rep
1. Pulley Curls, Super Set 4 10
2. Nautilus Curling Machine, Super Set 4 10
3. DB Concentration Curl 4 10
4. Scott Tricep Pulley Ext 4 12
5. Pushdowns 4 12
6. Lying E Extensions 4 12

Diet and supplements for the 1979 Mr. Olympia
For breakfast he ate some slices of ham with cottage cheese and four scrambled eggs, and perhaps a cup of black coffee.

For lunch he had a large bowl of chopped fruit salad and half a chicken. For his evening meal he had a large bowl of raw, chopped vegetables and four or five poached eggs.

He took the following supplements after each meal:
Collagen, 500mg Vitamin C, 5 Choline/Inositol, 5 Dessicated Liver

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