The Youtube-Channel ‘Strength Wars’ has a new leader ship. Owner ‘Konrad Wolf’ from Germany,Berlin sold it to the Americans ‘Generation Iron‘. Furthermore the Americans started producing a new movie entitled “Strength Wars: The Movie“. I think they had no time left for their new youtube appearance, so that’s why the channel Strength Wars seems to be dead.

On 10.08.2020 the youtube channel ‘Gannikus Germany’ uploaded a podcast with Leonidas Arkona.
As you might know, german Powerlifter ‘Leonidas Arkona’ will play an important role in the up coming movie ‘Strength Wars: The Movie‘ and he told the interviewer that the release date is unknown. Actually nobody really knows the release Date. He made the statement, that the american producers seemed to be very “relaxed” and he would guess the release date will be end of the year or next year.

Furthermore he told, that the production was very professional with expensive equipment. He met some quite impressive giants like Larry Wheels and Jerry Pritchett. – End

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